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Technology – Water / Powder / Synergy / Complete Solutions


Modern science explains the positive impact and benefits of the Onsen phenomenon as deriving from the unique molecular structure of the water – known as anti oxidant micro-water. Ordinary water in their natural state, purified, distilled or de-ionized are bonded together to form 11-12 molecule clusters. The super- tourmaline powder in the Onsen water on the other hand generates the negative ions, which cause the water to reduce the size of the molecule clusters so they consist of only 5-6 molecules. This simple procedure is what creates “Micro water”, water that’s essentially ‘smaller’ and therefore able to penetrate deeper into skin layers. Onsen Secret research and development team was able to recreate this smart water in its lab using breakthrough technology; enriched with minerals (Onsen’s proprietary Shichi Complex), vitamins and bio marine extracts, each of the products in the series delivers a 100% pure, potent and active solution. The results of this holistic approach of nature supporting skin’s own process are amazing. Think of it! Most skin care products contain up to 90% ordinary water and the rest are active ingredients, Onsen products on the hand are 100% active!


The powder technology is another innovative breakthrough exclusive to Onsen. Where the water technology products work on the skin from the outside in, this fine proprietary powder works from the inside out. Packed with vitamin C, thalassine (nature’s botox), minerals, bio marine extracts and protein compositions, it was favorably pegged as ‘super food for skin’. The powder is formulated based on skin’s nutritional needs in the morning and at night. It remains in a concentrated state until it comes in contact with the skin. It then emulsifies, quickly absorbs into deep layers and starts working to deliver cells with a nutritionally charged booster. The powder can be used on its own, to spot treat troubled areas, such as fine lines, dark circles and puffy eyes or it can be blended with Onsen’s water technology products or any ordinary cream or moisturizer to add a nutritional boost to each application.


Onsen’s water and powder technologies were designed to work in tandem to support the natural process of skin’s renewal, repair and regeneration, also to prevent damage from environmental, internal stressors and the aging process. They facilitate, support, boost and enhance skin’s ability to regain its natural health, vibrancy and glow. For maximum results, we recommend adding a pea size of the powder, for example, to your daily face, eye or anti age regimen. As with all our products, a little bit goes a very long way.

Complete Solutions

Onsen products are offered as complete systems. Carefully developed with high quality ingredients and specific compositions designed to support and enhance each other’s functionality and results, the face care, eye care, anti age and body systems work in harmony within each system and in conjunction with each other. It is recommended, for example, that if your skin is aging, and for best results, all three systems be used together as nstructed and as part of your daily and weekly regimen. The practice and what becomes an enjoyable daily ritual, delivers instant and lasting results. We also provide these potent systems in a convenient, portable case so your skin is always taken care of, no matter how fast pace your lifestyle may be.